Cleansers need to be gentle. Very gentle, regardless of skin type.

Our cleansers are designed to give a complete clean without stripping skin.


All skin types, especially sensitive skin: White Bar (goat milk cleansing bar)

Normal to Dry skin: Cleansing Oil (comes with Bamboo Cloth)

Weekly Deep Clean: Black Bar (activated charcoal, contains coconut oil)


Our hydrators were designed to cater to your skin type. They employ non-comedogenic oils (won’t clog pores), just like our skin, to provide you with a concentrated formula for a deep, non-greasy moisture that lasts.

Normal to Dry Skin: Original Formula Seed Facial Serum

Normal to Oily and Sensitive Skin: Sensitive Skin Formula Seed Facial Serum

All skin types: Seed Argan Oil (also a good option if you want to add your own essential oil blend)

(Your Serum/Oil should soak in within 5 minutes.  If it doesn’t, you need to use less or switch to a lighter formula)