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Laundry Soap Canteen


This is one of the first products we formulated.  We did it out of necessity because our children have very sensitive skin and noses.  We needed to be able to wash our clothes and linens in something that was safe to touch their fragile skin all day and night without the lasting perfume smells.  We are so pleased with the soft washing and wearing results of our detergent that we wanted to share it.

NASH + JONES Laundry Soap is handmade with Goat Milk in Nashville, TN and each batch is numbered to ensure fresh ingredients.  GMO free.

The packaging allows you to display your laundry soap in addition to giving you a fresh and soft wash.  Both your clothes and your washer will thank you.


Our organic laundry detergent does not contain chlorine, phosphates, or other chemicals that are dangerous to our health.  Another positive is that it does not contain synthetic dyes or perfumes.  These ingredients can be extremely harmful to people who have sensitive skin, lungs and/or allergies {like our family}, yet they are found in most popular brands of laundry detergent.  In fact, phosphates are a known water pollutant known to kill fish and plants, which throws our entire ecological system out of balance.  Toxic chemicals found in some laundry detergents can irritate or even damage your skin and some give off such potent fumes that everyone around you breathes them in as well.

Keep in mind that organic detergents are usually more expensive than traditional brands.   Our canteen actually contains 64 loads of per canteen.  Even if you spend a few extra dollars more, it is worth it when you consider the harm that traditional brands can cause to our health and everyday living.   The best alternative is to use our organic laundry detergent for all clothing, linens and towels. Our detergent is gentler, healthier, and safer to use.

Sodium Carbonate (soda ash), Sodium Tetraborate (sodium borate), Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide and Goat Milk

Each container is filled to 32 ounces of powdered soap.  Do not eat.  Use 1 TBS per load {about 64 loads per canteen}.  Apply directly into your He drum.