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Shave + Beard Oil


W H  Y   U S E   A   B E A R D   O I L ?

A Beard Oil is used to moisturize the skin and hair of and around the beard.  Beards get itchy, dry and unmanageable if not cared for.  A daily use of a beard oil is the best way to keep your beard on track, smelling good and looking great.  Simply pump a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand, rub together and work through your beard daily.  {We also have a BEARD BALM for additional taming qualities}

W H Y   U S E   A   S H A V I N G   O I L?

Shaving oils are a skin’s best friend.  The oil creates a barrier of protection between your skin and the razor and protects against in-grown hairs, rashes, razor burns and irritation.  It also adds hydration which is important because each time you shave you are essentially exfoliating the top layer of skin.

Simply wet your skin and then work a few drops of oil into areas to be shaved.  Continue with your favorite shaving routine {you may use soap, foam, etc.}  There is no need to re-apply the oil after you are done shaving.  It will continue to add and protect your skin’s hydration all day without an oily feel.

The scent of our Shave & Beard Oil is a woodsy scent that combines Cedarwood, Scotch Pine, Peppermint, Clary Sage and Cypress Essential Oils.  



Our Shave + Beard Oils are handmade in small batches to ensure freshness.  We don’t use any ‘filler’ oils to increase quantity but rather use only premium oils to ensure quality.  They are easily absorbed by the skin and hair, are vegan friendly, light, non-greasy and all natural.  They work together to calm the skin, nourish/hydrate both skin and hair and protect current and future hair growth.

Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils

Each set is 1 fl oz/30 ml in an amber glass bottle sealed with a pump nested in a brown carrier tube.

Storage: The glass bottle {vs plastic} keeps the oils free of environmental pollutions plus the pump eliminates contamination and keeps the air from reaching the essential oils.  Your oil will last up to a year if kept in a dry, cool and dark place and the lid is kept on tight.  Air and sunlight are not beneficial to the essential oils.

Take Care: Our oil blends include essential oils.  Please be aware of the ingredients.  If you are allergic to any ingredient, please do not use.  If you have an allergic reaction, please see a doctor right away.  Do not ingest.  Caution, oils create slippery surfaces.


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