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The Strop


What is The Strop? Good question.

Every barber uses a Strop for his straight razor to keep it in peak condition. The gentlemen at ShaveFace have created a Strop for the modern disposable razor.  By using the Strop, you’ll get 3-5x more use out of your razors and get a better shave, which saves you time and money.

+ It keeps your blades aligned for a close and straight on shave

+ It keeps blades sharp for a smooth and complete shave

+  It rolls into a perfect travel size for the guy-on-the-go

+  It attaches right to and looks great on a towel bar

+  It is made of high quality, American-Made raw denim and premium leather, accented with brass studs and hand-stitched in the USA.

+  The Strop works with any disposable razor, razor cartridge, or safety razor, women’s or men’s. This includes, but isn’t limited to, Gillette, Schick, Venus, Bic, Harrys, Dollar Shave Club, and most private label blades that you would find in your local pharmacy. The Strop is not designed to work with straight razors.

Give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose but the stubble.


How to use your Strop:

+ Hold the razor as you would to shave, blade facing the top of The Strop with the handle towards you.

+Blades should be face down on the denim and placed at the bottom of The Strop.

+Apply the same pressure you would for a clean shave and push the razor the length of The Strop, from bottom to top.

+Repeat the motion 15-20 times for best results.

+Rinse razor after stropping.

+Repeat steps 1-5 before each use.


How exactly does it work?

1) Razors are finely tuned and complexly engineered to provide an effective shave with as little irritation as possible. Barbers are taught to hold their blades at a specific angle against the face, roughly 30°. The blades inside your cartridge were taught the same thing. As you continue to shave with the same cartridge, the hairs on your face pull the blades out of alignment and away from their factory settings. Running a razor against the Strop presses the blades back into proper alignment.

2) The edge of these blades are so thin, that the process of shaving causes little micro-burs and indentations occur. The friction built between the denim and the blades will actually smooth the surface of the blades for a sharper, more comfortable shave.