A l l   N a t u r a l   I n g r e d i e n t s

The Nash + Jones line began out of necessity.  Our reactions to products filled with chemicals, perfumes and preservatives were awful so we adopted a more natural lifestyle.

This included what we consumed inside and out.

After all, what we put onto our skin also gets absorbed into the body.

Prepared by hand in Nashville, Tennessee

Our products are handmade in small batches to ensure the freshness of each one.

We prepare them as we would prepare a nourishing meal for you at our table, with real ingredients and the utmost care.

These products are nourishment for your skin and we treat them as such.

No Petroleum, Water or Perfumes

Instead of Petroleum, we use Beeswax to draw + seal the natural ingredients into skin

Instead of Water, we use Quality Oil bases that our skin recognizes

Instead of Perfumes, we use Essential Oils to create scent and add essential oil therapy benefits to skin

No Chemicals, Dyes or Preservatives

Instead of Chemicals, we use Natural Ingredients with amazing benefits

Instead of Dyes, we celebrate the Natural Color of Natural Ingredients

Instead of Preservatives, we use Vitamins and Small Batches that don’t sit on the shelf